7 August 2013

Message from Lisa Maclean to colleagues & INSP supporters

Dear colleagues and INSP supporters,

After 10 fantastic years with Big Issue and INSP I’m moving on from INSP on the 9th August.

It has been a wonderful experience to work for INSP and street papers. I believe in street papers and it has been inspiring to have the opportunity to work alongside our street paper members and to see the amazing work they do every day that changes lives. 123 papers, 28,000 vendors working every year, 6 million readers reached every edition- this is one special network. Thank you for being part of our network and for supporting us on our journey so far.

It feels like an appropriate time to move on; we have a really a supportive board, a committed, experienced staff team, and wonderful partners behind us. INSP is in great shape.

I am moving on to take up an international entrepreneurship Fellowship with The Saltire Foundation, and as the first social enterprise leader to be offered a place, I will put all of my INSP experiences to really good use.

Our Development Manager, Maree Aldam, will be stepping up to a General Manager’s role in the interim period, supported by former INSP President and Big Issue Scotland co-founder Mel Young who is based in Scotland. Maree is passionate about street papers and will do a great job. The board will manage an open recruitment process for the INSP Director’s position later in the year and everyone will be kept informed about this as we move forward.

What the street papers movement does is to give people a chance to take control, to change their lives, to move on. As I stand here poised to do that in a small way in my own life, I am reminded of how powerful and important a gift that is. If moving on from a decade of the good things I’ve had at INSP is so profound and affecting for me, imagine how infinitely more extraordinary it is when one of our 14,000 vendors can make a positive change in their lives.

Thank you all again for all you have given to INSP- I hope we can continue to count on you as the organisation moves forward. I look forward to seeing INSP continue to grow and thrive, supporting street papers and vendors everywhere.

With thanks and best wishes,


Future contact: lisamaclean77(at)googlemail.com