23 January 2009

INSP has a new Honorary President!

INSP is delighted to announce that David Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief of Thomson Reuters, has accepted the Honorary President position!

This year, among other things, Schlesinger's new role will have him take part in the high-level judging panel for INSP's annual International Street Paper Awards in Norway and facilitate further partnerships between INSP, business leaders and media representatives. While some may hesitate to undertake such an active voluntary position, Schlesinger is steadfast in his commitment to enabling poor and homeless people in their communities worldwide to have a voice and encounter new opportunities. This is a visionary to be proud of.

Speaking of his new appointment, Schlesinger explained, ‘INSP is an organisation I have been involved with for a few years now, both personally and through Thomson Reuters. I believe that INSP's street papers are a wonderful way for homeless people and people living in poverty to use self expression and publishing to better themselves and their position and I am truly honoured to have been asked to take on this role. I hope that together we can develop the innovative aims of this small, but highly ambitious organisation and help to nurture independent media in the UK and worldwide."

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5 January 2009

2009 International Street Paper Awards

The 2nd Annual International Street Paper Awards will be celebrated in May 2009, as a core part of INSP's Annual Conference, co-hosted by street paper member Megafon in Bergen, Norway.

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