27 August 2010

World’s most streetwise news agency launches to public

Pictured: INSP's Executive Director
Lisa Maclean with SNS Honorary Editor
Tom Thomson, Group Managing Editor,
The Herald & Times Group
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The Street News Service (SNS) was launched to the public last night in Glasgow's beautiful Mitchell Library. INSP's alternative online news agency is an important news source for street papers as well as media outlets and readers around the world.

SNS brings together the best content from 110 INSP street papers on all continents. Its multilingual website features stories written by street paper journalists in 40 countries. The SNS also produces quality in-house material.

Channel 4's Jon Snow is the Patron of the Street News Service

INSP is delighted to announce that Jon Snow of Channel 4 News is to be the Street News Service Patron.

Jon Snow is the main presenter of Channel 4 News and has been its face since 1989. He has an interest in homelessness dating back to the 1970s when he worked for the New Horizon Youth Centre, a day centre for young drug addicts in central London. He is now Chair of that organisation.