22 September 2012

North Carolina's new street paper about to print second edition

The second issue of Speak Up, Charlotte, N.C’s, new street paper, is soon to be published. In the wake of an overwhelmingly positive reception to the first one- including a review in the Charlotte Observer- hopes are high for the future of the publication. The magazine is in the process of membership application for the North American Street Paper Association (NASNA) and INSP.

One of Speak Up's innovative ways to recruit new vendors is via 'panhandling cards' (pictured right) distributed to the general public. The idea -explained on the street paper's website- is that "whenever you see someone begging for money, you can offer them a job instead.  Direct them to Speak Up, where they’ll be able to take a step away from panhandling and gain some self-respect. Direct them to Speak Up, where they’ll find a supportive community to journey alongside them."