27 March 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Alex Salmond announces new support for international social enterprises based in Scotland

Today in Glasgow, at the world’s largest social enterprise event, Scotland’s First Minister announced new government support for two international social enterprise organisations headquartered in Scotland.

Glasgow-based INSP and Edinburgh-based Homeless World Cup will both benefit from the Scottish Government’s new fund, announced by Alex Salmond at the Social Enterprise Exchange event (#SocEntEx) at Glasgow’s SECC.

Salmond said “The announcement today of an annual programme to support global social enterprises to be headquartered in Scotland is a world first and a strong message of support for the Third Sector from Scottish Ministers. Scotland is already the global headquarters for the Homeless World Cup and the International Network of Street Papers. The provision of a grant to encourage other enterprises to come to Scotland is a demonstration of our strong support for the work that international social enterprises carry out, both in Scotland and around the world.”

INSP’s Executive Director Lisa MacLean said: "Today's announcement by the First Minister is testament to the amazing work of social enterprises in Scotland and worldwide. We are really proud that the INSP and the Homeless World Cup are leading the way in Scotland to enable the country to become a hub for international social enterprise activity. We hope that through this recognition, the issue of homelessness both at home and abroad will come more to the fore and enable us to become a greater force for change."

Mel Young, President and co-founder the Homeless World Cup said: "I think the notion of Scotland presenting itself open for social enterprise business and to have an aspiration to attract international headquarters in Scotland has to be great. I am extremely pleased that the government is supporting the Homeless World Cup and INSP and is seeing the value we have, and we look forward to working with them more to create more change."