27 May 2011

SNS development in 2011

INSP staff have recently re-formed an 'SNS Member Working Group' of eight experienced street paper editors. The group will work with INSP staff throughout 2011 on developing and improving the Street News Service:
  • Rosi Roco, OCAS, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Anlov Mathiesen, =Oslo, Norway

SNS Advisory Committee

Since early in 2011, INSP staff have been working with a new 'SNS Advisory Committee' to discuss the future strategy for the service:

INSP's new Media Consultant

The INSP team has been joined Billy Briggs, an award-winning Scottish journalist who focuses on human rights issues. In recent years his work has been published by, among many others, The Guardian, The New Statesman, The Sunday Times, The Herald, Sunday Herald, Scotland On Sunday, The Scotsman, Mail On Sunday, New Zealand Herald, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Irish Examiner, World Politics Review and the BBC. He will be working with the SNS on a part-time basis over the next few months. His focus will be on marketing, developing in-house produced articles and will promote the republication of Millennium Development Goals stories produced for the SNS EU funded project.